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Brenda Debenham

As a child our diet was supplemented from the many herbs, vegetables and fruit trees growing in our garden.  Our neighbours swapped plants, traded from their own food bounty and shared knowledge. I have always lived with and loved gardens, mine and other peoples. Waste was frowned on, recycling the norm and composting was free garden nourishment.

I have given back to the community with bush regeneration and assisting in a program to save the mangroves in Northern Beaches, Bayview, gaining invaluable knowledge and truly appreciating how beautiful our bushland is.

I was a member and for a time the local co-ordinator of  Permaculture Sydney North group. I have participated in ‘Permabees’ assisting others in their garden construction and design this has proved invaluable for my own garden. With the future emphasis on water conservation I am a passionate advocate of wicking containers and raised beds.

There is a growing movement of sustainability, community and sharing and I am sure we can do our small part in nurturing budding gardeners.


Karen Benhar

Although no longer a contributor to this blog Karen was instrumental in navigating the IT requirements to setting it up. Without her help it would not have been published.

I have been an IT professional for most of my life and also been busy raising a family. My interest in gardening is mainly motivated by a desire to grow food fuelled by a vague uneasiness about the food chain. The large supermarkets are clearly more interested in making money than providing healthy, cost-effective food. Without an ethical foundation a business is destined to become a hollow carcass.

As I grappled with learning how to grow things I realised many of us have lost the ability to farm a few generations back. So this site is all about recapturing that lost knowledge, updating it and incorporating it into our busy lives. Our aim is to understand the garden ecosystem and work with nature and the systems that have provided for this planet over the millennia.

My passion for the bush has influenced me in many areas of my life, from getting involved in Bushcare work to learning about Australian Native Plants. I want to create a garden that provides not only for my family but also for birds such as the Superb Fairy Wren and reptiles such as the Blue Tongue Lizard or Perons Tree Frog.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Robert Marotta says:

    I would like to come over and see what you have available and buy a few plants besides herb Robert.
    Would that be Ok?
    My number is 0425209777 thank you

    1. Brenda Debenham says:

      Hi Robert – we do not sell any items, this is an ideas/research site.

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