Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Basil aka Common Basil or Sweet Basil

sweet basil

Ocimum basilicum

A half-hardy annual with glossy green aromatic leaves. In late-summer plants bear white flowers which can be nipped out to encourage the leaves to grow. Plant originated in India where it is a perennial but in cooler countries it is treated as an annual.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Plenty of sun is essentail and a sheltered growing position.  Grow in rich and well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter.


Basil dislikes being disturbed so sow seeds directly into the soil in late spring. Seeds should be planted 6mm (1/4 inch) deep and 30cm(12in) apart. Avoid over watering seedlings as they are prone to damping-off. Germination takes 7-10 days.

Plant Care

Water if too dry.


Leaves can be taken from about 6 weeks planting.


Leaves can be used fresh or dried or frozen.