Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Boosting Sunlight

herb planter pots

I want to grow my own crop of luscious red tomatoes and I think have the ideal place.

Actually given the lack of growing spots in my coastal garden it is probably the only place.

Handy hubby has created a platform of raised planters along my side fence. Herbs thrive here but in winter there is insufficient sunlight and plants become leggy and struggle.
How will tomatoes grow and thrive without the solar boosting power of sunlight?      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Enter the benefits of belonging to the recycle site of ‘Freecycle’ where I soon procured 2 excellent mirrors. Having come from a fitted wardrobe they are large.

243 centimetres (or 8 foot) tall with an aluminium frame making them suitable for outdoors. The first mirror is quickly secured to the wall with aluminium brackets by handy hubby. The sunlight striking the mirror is reflected back at an angle.

It is mid-August so the sun’s low angle in the sky is already beginning to rise. It’s reflection is striking the fence above the plants, generating light and warmth.

In summer the sun is almost directly overhead so sunlight will not be reflected (otherwise the double whammy would cook the plants).

An added benefit; the mirror is fixed to the wall above the washing frame and the extra light and reflected heat will be a bonus on washing days in winter.