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Herb Robert

Geranium Robertianum F. Geraniaceae Favourite Growing Conditions Herb Robert prefers a shady damp woodland environment. It grows from tropical Cairns in the north to cool temperate Tasmania in the south of Australia. Planting The plant has shallow, weak roots and prefers shady damp conditions and can be grown in containers….



Part of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) this flowering perennial is a broad leaf tropical looking plant, about 1 metre in height, producing a spectacular flower stem in summer.


A hardy dwarf spreading evergreen shrub. Early to mid-summer bears clusters of mauve flowers. Originated from the Mediterranean region.

sweet basil

Basil aka Common Basil or Sweet Basil

A half-hardy annual with glossy green aromatic leaves. In late-summer plants bear white flowers which can be nipped out to encourage the leaves to grow. Plant originated in India where it is a perennial but in cooler countries it is treated as an annual.



Rosmarinus officinalis   This is a aromatic perennial herb with evergreen leaves and white, pink, purple or blue flowers and native to the Mediterranean region. Favourite Growing Conditions Chose a spot in full sun with good drainage.  Is hardy and can grow in soil that is on the dry side….



This is a leafy annual plant with a peppery flavour which tastes great in salads. Native to the mediterrean area.

Italian Parsley


This is a leafy biennial plant often used to add flavour and decoration to food. Native to the Mediterranean area. Often grown as an annual as the second year’s growth is not as good as the first.


Mint aka Common Mint, Garden Mint and Spearmint

Aromatic flavoursome herb that is mainly used raw in many cuisines or simply in salads. From mid-summer to early autumn plants bear pale purple flowers in whorls. Other aromatic mints include apple mint with white flowers, variegated apple mint with interesting leaf patterns (mentha suavolens) and chocolate mint (mentha piperita)  ….


Marjoram / Oregano

These two Mediterranean herbs are very closely related. Oregano is a wild form of margoram with a stronger flavour. Marjoram is a compact, shrub-like plant with small, soft and greyish-green leaves, while oregano has a spreading habit with light green, firmer leaves. The flowers for both these herbs are small and white and form tight clusters at the tip of the stem.



A perennial bushy clump of grass that grows in size each year. Native to India and Tropical Asia and very popular in Asian cooking.