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Capsicum and Chillies

Solanaceae’ family Capsicum annuum Small bushy plant about 40cm high Plant As with all food crops disease spreads much more slowly if organic carbon levels are high. This is due to increased soil microbial activity that favours more beneficial fungi and bacteria that help to suppress pathogenic organisms, as well…


FAMILY: Asteraceae BOTANICAL NAME: Smallanthus sonchifolius (formerly Polymnia sonchifolia) COMMON NAMES: Yacon, Peruvian ground apple, Bolivian sunroot, llacon, groundpear, pear of the earth. It is comparable to the white fleshed tuber Jicama /Climbing Yam Bean – Pachyrhizus erosus. Yacon is native to South America and is a hardy, attractive herbaceous…


The potato is a member of the Solanaceae family and was originally from the high mountains of South America.


Peas are an annual legume plant lasting for one year. Legumes convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compoundsSnow pea flowers useful to plants.


Sweet Fennel and Florence Fennel produce an edible swollen base and are grown as annuals unlike wild fennel which is a hardy perennial and has become a weed in some countries. It has feathery leaves and yellow flowers and was native to the Mediterranean.



The carrot is a member of the Umbelliferae family and its closest relatives are celery, dill, parsnip and parsley. Cultivated varieties exist in a range of colours from black, yellow, orange, red, purple through to white. They are a hardy plant that is grown as an annual.


Beans are grown either for their immature pods (snap beans), immature seeds (green peas), or shell beans grown for their mature seeds (dry beans). They are easy to grow and provide excellent fibre and nutritional value.



Asparagus is a ferny perennial plant of the lily family and grows to one and a half metres tall with both male and female plants (dioecious).