Upper North Shore Sydney Australia




Allium schoenoprasum

Hardy perennial with tubular grass-like leaves that grow in clumps and mauve flowerheads from early to mid-summer. A member of the onion family.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Chose a sunny spot but prefers a little shade. Prefers rich, moist and well drained soils.


In milder climates plant the seeds directly into the garden any time other than winter. Plant 5cm (2 inches) apart. Germination takes 7-10 days.  Plants die down in autumn and produce fresh leaves in spring.

Chives form clumps of bulbs which should be dug up and divided every 3-4 years in spring. Replant the younger parts from around the outside of the clump and discard the old inner part.

Plant Care

Prefers a little shade and water if too dry.


Snip leaves at base and snip off flowers to encourage leaf growth.