Upper North Shore Sydney Australia



Coriandrum sativum

Hardy plant that produces feathery leaves that are often used in Asian cooking. Mid-summer produces pink-mauve flowers which then develop into seeds which are also used as a  spice in Asian food.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Chose a spot in full sun with good drainage and protected from strong winds.  Is hardy and can grow through winter except in areas with frost and snow.


The seed is technically a fruit which contains two seeds. You can split each fruit to extract the seeds and sprinkle on the soil where the plant is to grow. If you do not split open the fruit then germination is longer up to 3 weeks otherwise germination is in 5-10 days. Lightly cover with soil and water.  Once planted it is not recommended to move the plant.  Sow seeds regularly to have a constant supply of coriander.

Plant Care

Plenty of sun and water regularly.


Continually take the green leaves as the plant grows. To harvest the seeds wait until the seedheads have turned from green to grey. Cut the stems and dry under cover.


Store in a dry and cool area. Seeds can be ground to provide the famous coriander powder often used in Thai and Indian cooking.