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Allium sativumGarlic


Garlic is a member of the onion family which is usually grown as an annual. Early in summer the plant produces globular heads of small, white, slightly red tinted flowers.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Chose a spot in full sun with well drained fertile soil.

Prepare the Soil

The soil should be a rich fertile loam. To achieve this add compost or manure early in winter.


Plant in late winter in mild zones and in spring in cooler districts. Garlic grows best if exposed to temperatures between 5-10C (41-50F) for 1-2 months before the bulbs start to develop. Planting area should change each year on a 3 year cycle to keep the soil and plants healthy.

Plant individual cloves with the tapered end pointing upwards and its top just below the surface of the soi. Do not just push the cloves into the soil but dig out a small hole and place clove. Plant 15cm (6 inches) apart in rows 23-30cm (9-12 inches) apart.

Plant Care

Use a lucerne mulch to keep weeds down and so that as the mulch breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil. Regular watering is essential.


Harvest after 20-24 weeks or 6 months. In late summer as the leaves yellow use a garden fork to lever the bulbs from the soil. Don’t wait until the leaves have died back completely as the bulb will have started to split by then. Leave them on the soils surface to dry and ripen in the sun.


Store in string bags or braid into bundles and store in a dry and cool area. Garlic bulbs


Propagate by dividing bulbs into cloves.