Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena

Aloysia triphylla

A perennial deciduous shrub to 3m(10 foot) native to South America. It has narrow leaves in whorls of 3 and 4. Flowers vary from white to mauve and appear in spring or early summer.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Enjoys full sun and a sheltered position. Soil should be well-drained but not over rich in manure.


Normally raised from hard-wood cutting in open ground in winter or cuttings from this year’s new growth in early autumn. Seeds can be sown but are difficult to germinate.

Plant Care

Young plants should be given a light pruning in the first winter. Heavier pruning is needed in subsequent winters to keep plant from getting straggly.


Leaves can be taken after a couple of years.


Leaves can be used fresh or dried or frozen.