Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Marjoram / Oregano


Origanum majorana Sweet or Knotted Majoram  Origanum vulgare Oregano

These two Mediterranean herbs are very closely related. Oregano is a wild form of marjoram with a stronger flavour. Marjoram is a compact, shrub-like plant with small, soft and greyish-green leaves, while oregano has a spreading habit with light green, firmer leaves.  The flowers for both these herbs are small and white and form tight clusters at the tip of the stem.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Full sun is best but can tolerate light shade. Dislikes the cold but can survive winter in milder areas. Likes well-drained fertile soil. Oregano is less dependent on warmth and is therefore easier to grow.


Sow seeds 6mm(1/4 inch) deep 23-30cm (9-12 inches) apart during late spring or early summer.  Cuttings can be taken in early summer and roots and be divided in spring or autumn.

Plant Care

Water if too dry.


Leaves can be taken after 3 months.


Leaves can be used fresh or dried or frozen.