Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Mint aka Common Mint, Garden Mint and Spearmint


Aromatic flavoursome herb that is mainly used raw in many cuisines or simply in salads. From mid-summer to early autumn plants bear pale purple flowers in whorls.

Other aromatic mints include apple mint with white flowers, variegated apple mint with interesting leaf patterns (mentha suavolens) and chocolate mint (mentha piperita)  .

Favourite Growing Conditions

Chose a spot which is moist and if it likes the spot it can take over and it is advisable to control by putting it in containers. Prefers semi-shade or even shade but if in full sun cannot be allowed to dry out.

How to Prepare the Soil

The soil should be a moderately rich fertile loam.


If you have access to cuttings take a 10cm(4 inch) cutting from the base of the plant or root and plant in a propagating mix or directly into a pot of potting mix. To create a propagating mix use 50% coarse sand and 50% coir peat. (Coir is a prefered over sphagnum moss because it produces good results without the environmental damage caused by peat mining. Coir is also useful in detering snails.)  When rooted transfer to a pot of potting mix until roots form and then replant in the garden or container.

Plant Care

Must be kept moist. After flowering horizontal runners are produced use these to propogate new plants or remove before they take over.  Bees and butterflies are attracted to mint flowers. 


Continually taking the green leaves as the plant grows ensures vigorous healthy plants. Pick early morning for strongest flavour.