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Kangaroo Paw

Growing Kangaroo Paws

The iconic floral emblem of Western Australia, the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii) has inspired many gardeners to plant Kangaroo Paws. Their abundant nectar attracts honeyeaters and their unique flower is a great asset to your native garden.



Garlic is a member of the onion family which is usually grown as an annual. Early in summer the plant produces globular heads of small, white, slightly red tinted flowers.

Finger Limes

Finger Lime Delicious

This Australian native Finger Lime Citrus australasica is one of the best kept secrets of the restaurant trade. The flesh looks like caviar and the intense bursts of lime freshness not only taste sensational but come in an array of colours ranging from intense red through to ruby pink and subtle shades of green.


Figs do well in our mild Mediterranean climate and dryer warm temperate areas. Figs are tolerant of most types of soil, but perform best on well-drained, reasonably fertile soils. Their root systems are fairly shallow, but extensive, therefore pot cultivation is recommended. Figs can easily be propagated from cuttings, air layering or grafting, however, figs grown from seeds are not true to type.


Sweet Fennel and Florence Fennel produce an edible swollen base and are grown as annuals unlike wild fennel which is a hardy perennial and has become a weed in some countries. It has feathery leaves and yellow flowers and was native to the Mediterranean.



An attractive annual 60cm – 150 cm (2 – 5 feet) high with fine feathery aniseed flavoured leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean and Southern Russia. Pale yellow flowerheads form oval flat seeds in the late summer and autumn.



Deciduous woody shrubs growing 1m (3ft) tall thrive best in cool to temperate climates. They are relatively low-maintenance plants, and can also be used as ornamentals due to their attractive berries and foliage. Black currant 28cassis 29 s 2



Hardy plant that produces feathery leaves that are often used in Asian cooking. Mid-summer produces pink-mauve flowers which then develop into seeds which are also used as a spice in Asian food.


Attractive shiny green foliage and attractive fruit colour home-grown fresh citrus fruits are nutritious to eat. The peel is appreciated when added to sweet or savoury dishes and juice the fruit for healthy and refreshing drinks. The smell of citrus blossom is prized in perfumes and many other species of plants are sought out that mimic their scent.



Hardy perennial with tubular grass-like leaves that grow in clumps and mauve flowerheads from early to mid-summer. A member of the onion family.