Upper North Shore Sydney Australia



Rosmarinus officinalis


This is a aromatic perennial herb with evergreen leaves and white, pink, purple or blue flowers and native to the Mediterranean region.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Chose a spot in full sun with good drainage.  Is hardy and can grow in soil that is on the dry side.


15 cm cuttings potted firmly in seed raising mix strike readily from early spring to early autumn.

Plant Care

Likes lime and crushed egg shells occasionally added to the soil are a natural source of lime.


Continually take cuttings as required.


15 cm cuttings potted firmly in propagating mix strike which will strike readily from early spring to early autumn. To create a propagating mix use 50% coarse sand and 50% coir peat. (Coir is a prefered over sphagnum moss because it produces good results without the environmental damage caused by peat mining. Coir is also useful in detering snails.)  When rooted transfer to a pot of potting mix or into your prepared soil in the garden.


Tip prune after flowering to prevent the plant from becoming too straggly.


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