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Thyme flowers

Thymus vulgaris

A hardy dwarf low-growing, spreading evergreen shrub. Early spring to mid-summer bears clusters of pink to mauve flowers. Originated from the Mediterranean region.

Favourite Growing Conditions

Thrives in light, well-drained soil in an open sunny position. Shelter from cold and wind is important. Although unlikely to survive a hard winter it can withstand drought conditions.


Can be easily raised from seeds sown in spring. Sow into a seed-raising soil and transplant seedlings 30-45cm(12-18 inches) apart.

Lift and divide congested plants in early or mid-spring.  Replant young pieces from around the outside of the plant and discard the older inner parts. Replant new pieces 23-30cm (9-12 inches) apart. Best divided every 3-4 years.

Plant Care

Water if too dry. Cut back in mid-summer and autumn to free them of old wood and keep them green and bushy.


Leaves can be used fresh or dried or frozen. Flowers are edible and loved by bees for honey production.

Thyme components

Thyme components