Upper North Shore Sydney Australia

Australian temperate zones


Our garden information is based here in Australia where we live in a temperate climate.

Information, from the Australian Bureau of meteorology, includes the inland area of Brisbane, New South Wales tablelands and coastal region of Sydney, and much of Australia’s southern coastal area from Melbourne, Adelaide through to Perth as having a temperate climate.

The climate is enjoyable for most of the year. With warm summers and cool winter,s spring and autumn are comfortably mild. Daily weather can be more changeable than in the tropics; cool cloudy days alternate with warmth and sunshine. Tropical rain falls occasionally but don’t usually last very long.

For example; our wonderful Sydney weather is moderated by proximity to the Pacific Ocean with more extreme temperatures occurring further inland in the western suburbs. Rainfall is spread throughout the year.

Summer is from December to February with our warmest month in January. Average temperatures range from 18.6–25.8 °C (65–78 °F) with occasional record highs of more than 44.2 °C (108.0 °F).

Winter is June to August with our coldest month in July. Average temperatures range from 8.0–16.2 °C (46–61 °F) with occasional record lows of 2.1 °C (35.8 °F).